Bromo Midnight Tour

Bromo Midnight Tour

Cheap Bromo Tour – Mount Bromo is apparently Indonesia’s most famous volcano. It located at the middle of East Java Province. This famous volcano located at the center of Malang, Probolinggo, Lumajang and Pasuruan district. Mount bromo managed under Taman nasional Bromo Tengger semeru that offers it ordinary beauty. Traveller usually choose a trip package depend on how many day they want to stay. There are Bromo 1 Day tour, Bromo Day Tour, Bromo midnight tour, Bromo Tour 2 days 1 Night and another tour package that combined with Bromo Tour such as Kawah Ijen Tour or Surabaya City Tour.


Bromo Midnight Tour

Bromo Midnight Tour is the most simple yet Cheap Tour package to visit Mt Bromo. Cheap Midnight Bromo Tour Usually begin from Malang or Surabaya on midnight and straight to Mount Bromo without sleep in any hotel in Bromo area. In Conclusion this Cheap Bromo Midnight tour form Surabaya or Malang, BROMO MIDNIGHT TOUR is very recommended for you when you arrived at Surabaya or Malang.

The advantage of Bromo Midnight tour

  • You no need to pay for stay overnight.
  • Suitable while high session.
  • Not Count on room hotels availability, while public holiday or high season because the room hotels in Bromo are fully occupied and there no standart hotels room available.
  • Your arrival at night in Malang or Surabaya airport either Malang or Surabaya Train Station.
  • Private Trip while lower cost Tour package than another trip packages as you no need to sleep overnight in Bromo.
  • Midnight Tour while the duration only twelve hours.
  • This trip can be combined with other tour.


Cheap Bromo Tour Itinerary

First of all before we do Cheap Bromo Tour we pick you up from Malang or Surabaya maybe from your hotel, train station or airport and leaving from Surabaya or malang, at middle of the night directly to Probolinggo Regency visiting Mt. Bromo, where the mountain famous as the most widest caldera in Indonesia (with 8 x 5 Kilometers diameters of the main caldera on the height of 2000 meters above sea level).

02.30 when arrived in Cemorolawang village then having tea/coffee break before do Cheap Bromo Tour. 03.00 Take a jeep 4WD passing through the sand of sea to climb up the Penanjakan Summit (2.770 m) and discover the sunrise .

See the most extraordinary panoramic view of mount Bromo and Semeru Mountain on the 2600 masl(meters above sea levels). 05.00 Admire the beauty of sunrise and the extraordinary scenery of mount Bromo and Semeru Mountain that will come up gradually.

Get back to sand of sea by riding a horse either walk to the slope of mount Bromo about 1.5 kilometers/25 minute. 06.00 We’ll passing away the sea sand and climb up 250 stairs at the peak of Mt. Bromo.

There we’ll see (if not rain) the great phenomena of Tengger Plateau. 08.00  Finally Go Back back to Cemorolawang village to enjoy breakfast at restaurant of local hotel.

Take a rest for a while before Go Back back to Malang or Surabaya because it will take 3,5 hours driving. 11.00 arrived at Surabaya either malang afterward back to hotel in addition train station in Surabaya or malang.

End of the journey.