Surabaya City Tour The city of heroes

Surabaya City tour – City of Heroes

Surabaya City Tour – Surabaya is the capital city of east java,  therefore largest city at east java number 2 in Indonesia after Jakarta. This city population almost 3 million at 2011 and the most crowded city at east java also the most busiest city among its neighbor city. Surabaya city contains not only modern buildings and sky scrapers. This second largest city in Indonesia, Surabaya in addition also have historic relics such as old buildings, which is still well maintained.

Tour of Surabaya city began from any destination depend on travelers request. City tour also visit the Historical places and the most wanted destination that based on traveler request. City tour can be combine with Bromo Tour or Midnight tour.

Places to Visit

City Tour will visit this below Historical places  and attraction :

Surabaya city Most wanted destination

Surabaya zoo


Animal collector and  a journalist H. F. K. Kommer eastablished as Soerabaiasche Planten-en Dierentuin on 1916, Surabaya Zoo once knows as the largest zoo at southeast asia.

House of Sampoerna

Sampoerna take over ex-orphant building then build a small company at 1928, Now as a result this building is finally known as kretek Sampoerna museum House of Sampoerna. on House of sampoerna usually passed by Surabaya city Heritage Tour Buses.

Surabaya Heroes monument

Heroes monument built in memory and to honored of Arek-Arek Suroboyo who fought against dutch aggression at 10 november 1945.

Surabaya city tour also have special interest destination below.

Surabaya city Special Interest

Kwan im pagoda

Known as the Surabaya’s Sunrise spot, the dragon’s gate directly headed to sunrise. The pagoda is near Kenjeran beach and open for travelers.

Four faces Buddha

Another Buddhist statues Near Kwan im pagoda, Four Faces Buddha known as the tallest Buddha statues in Indonesia.

Hong tiek hian

Hong tiek hian the oldest Temple in Surabaya, another Chinese Buddhist-Confucist temple. Tar-tar army from Monglia build this temple before attack Prabu Jayakatwang Kediri residence.

Joko Dolog Statue

Joko dolog
Joko dolog

Most of all Thailand travelers favorite in addition they pray here, Located at city center the statue was build on 1289. built in honor of the king Kartanegara.


Done with most favorite destination Surabaya city tour will continue to historical places such as hotel, Monument, Land mark etc. Lets begin with hotel below.

Surabaya Tour Heritage

Majapahit hotel

This hotel is a silent witness to the struggle Arek-Arek Suroboyo, While Dutch people put up the flag at the top of building As the  result local people finally tore into the red and white flag.

Arabian quarter

Arabian quarter build by arabian people  who are near the tomb Sunan Ampel. Here you can feel the middle east atmosphere.

China Town

Kembang Jepun  is a relic of a small china town in Surabaya. Near Arabic quarter and Jembatan Merah which is a witness to the struggle in the past.

City tour of surabaya can be combine with other tour package such as Bromo Midnight tour or Bromo Day Tour